What are the features of Angular7?

In Angular 7, the CLI prompts have been updated to v7.0.2 with new features. For instance, it will now prompt users when typing commands like @angular/material, ng-new, and ng-add to help them discover the in-built SCSS support, routing, and more.

The Angular 7 introduced minor visual updates & improvements in Material Design that earlier received a update this year only. The new drag-drop module basically provides a better way to easily create drag & drop interfaces, which is backed by sorting within a list, support for free dragging, animations, custom drag handles, transferring items between lists, previews, and placeholders.

In addition, refresh, virtual scrolling, large lists of data, dynamic loading and unloading of parts of the DOM also were the part of improvements in CDK and Angular Material.
Google have always focused on the performance improvements, and while doing so, they recently found that most of the developers were using reflect-metadata in their production, which actually was only required in the development.

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