distance education

Distance Learning

Distance Learning takes place when the trainer and the learner are not in the same physical location. Distance Learning happens even if the trainer and learner are in the same physical location but in different time. Due to the advancements in the technology, distance Learning become an easy option for…


How to Find an E-Learning System

You should be very careful when select an E-Learning system for your Company. The user-friendliness is the key factor of every E-Learning System, it helps the management to conduct training without depending on the help from IT Department. Usually the E-Learning system development companies come up with Learning systems with…


Graphics in E-Learning

One of the most important advantages of E-Learning over Traditional Learning is its use of Graphical contents. The Research says that the images and Graphics are more powerful for effective training. The Large amount of text on the screen is boring and less effective. You need to follow some guide…


Principles of E-Learning

The Term E-Learning got a broad meaning. There are different forms of E-Learning, which includes live class rooms, cd roms, emails and many more. All these methods of Learning applicable in the e-learning. The E-Learning seems to be an effective solution for the Learning Process. The Principles of e-learning system…

e-learning trends

Latest Trends in E-Learning

Due to the high demands of E-Learning system, the application service providers come with Quick solutions for the training needs of the Organizations. It leads to more standardized E-Learning with Quality resources. Let me list down the latest trends in the E-Learning System. Companies integrating E-Learning The improved infrastructure helps…


Features of E-Learning

There is no doubt that E-Learning offers more flexibility and effectiveness to Learning than the traditional training. There are few more reasons, which makes online training become a favorite among the students. Let me list down the reasons, • The availability of Quality resources and materials through online • The…


E-Learning System

Exponent Logic Solutions presents a new E-Learning System, which is built for professional trainers, this Learning system supports multiple branches, companies and groups. The outlines of different models are available for the users too. We have accommodated the latest technologies to assure the fine performance. We provide the details regarding…


The Advantages of E-Learning

The Learning Become an integral part of our life since 21st Century. Especially the emergence of Global organizations makes it more valuable. For the Corporate companies the Class room training become unpractical and time consuming. It led to a revolution in the Learning Field. Every company aims to provide cost…


What is E-Learning?

The E-Learning is considered to be a Dynamic process, which involves the transformation and personalization of the knowledge and deliver it on demand. The students have the complete control over their interaction with the information. In E-Learning the resources are effectively used for training. The E-Learning does not require formal…


Psychology behind E-Learning

Let’s check what actually happens when you start Learning. An effective training happens only the receiver got an attention into it. A Good trainer gets attention from students and keeps it till the end. The Neural system in the Brain controls attention, but it requires rest after every 5 Minutes….