Distance Learning

distance education

distance educationDistance Learning takes place when the trainer and the learner are not in the same physical location. Distance Learning happens even if the trainer and learner are in the same physical location but in different time. Due to the advancements in the technology, distance Learning become an easy option for Learning. There are different Mediums now to initiate Learning.

Are you worried about the effectiveness of distance Learning? Distance Learning can be more effective than traditional learning, if it is conducted in a proper way. The Efficiency is more depended on the technology, methods used for training and the interactions between trainer and the student. In the initial stage postal service is used for distance learning and it was very successful. Today due to the emergence of electronic technology, made a huge change in E-Learning. The good E-Learning systems use different technologies together to provide an effective Learning experience to the users. The Learning technologies have to be used in a wise manner to provide an ultimate learning experience to the users.

Synchronous VS Asynchronous Learning

In the synchronous Learning, media is used to conduct live interaction between the trainer and the students. It includes audio, television, video conferencing, online chat etc. In asynchronous training trainer and students will not have a direct live interaction, but they engaged in distance Learning by using audio and video recording, emails etc.,

The Web is very flexible for both Synchronous and Asynchronous mode of training. Today online courses use both synchronous and asynchronous mode of Learning. Both of these methods have its own advantages and disadvantages let’s discuss it.

Synchronous communication works so fast and gets immediate results and feedback. It requires commitment from Trainer and the Students to be available on a scheduled time. The Live Interaction proved to be very effective for Learning. Asynchronous learning gives a big flexibility to the Trainers and Students as well. The trainer and the student will be more objective and less fearful to criticism and comments. The cultural barriers will not affect the asynchronous Learning.

Why Distance Learning

A big factor of success in every distance Learning is the motivation of the learner. The learner should have the dedication to reap benefits from Learning. There are few reasons why people prefer distance learning. Those who are busy with schedules and duties are interested in the flexible timing the distance learning offers. It also helps the learners to access trainers from across the globe without any geographical restriction.

One advantage of distance learning over traditional learning is that it is more objective. A good trainer can make it more effective by understanding the learner and alter the lessons for the students. By using technology wisely will make a big effectiveness in training. The trainers will be experienced in online training and learners should feel comfortable to use the technologies for training.

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