Graphics in E-Learning


graphics in e-learningOne of the most important advantages of E-Learning over Traditional Learning is its use of Graphical contents. The Research says that the images and Graphics are more powerful for effective training. The Large amount of text on the screen is boring and less effective. You need to follow some guide lines when adding graphics to your E-Learning Content, Let me list down the issues.

Graphic Size

There is no doubt that adding Graphics will increase the effectiveness of your course. But you need to optimize the Graphics for the effective training. The size of the Graphics is very important since, the high-resolution graphics will take much loading time. Few guidelines before you upload a course,

  • Optimize the Graphics to faster access.
  • Squeeze down the image size before uploading
  • Use right image formats
  • Do not stuff pages with Graphics

Using of JPEG images helps to reduce the image size. But when you apply more compression the quality of the Graphics will be poor. The charts and graphs can be saved as GIF files. The GIF images are transparent and it can be animated.

The adding of too much images of different size, quality and colors will ruin the page. The choosing of images with the right size plays a major role here. When you choose the images think about your E-Learning content, it should match up with the E-Learning Material you are having. You need to homogenize your color scheme to assure the effectiveness of your content.

Visual Hierarchy

The Visual hierarchy decides the importance of each item in the page. You can control the importance of each item by placing it as per importance. The good formatting and image placements help to have a better visibility to your contents and it helps students to learn easily and effectively.

Text Breaks

It is not suitable to keep large amount of text on the screen. It is required to format the text contents to improve the readability. Using of columns, paragraphs and proper line length and font will make it more attractive for the Readers. The Graphics will provide an attraction to the content and it helps to retain the continuity. The Diagrams and the images that justify the text content will be a visual treat for the students. The visuals can motivate the students; step by step instructions with screenshots will be a great learning experience.

Appropriate Graphics

The Graphics used in E-Learning should be related to the contents. Some educators go for the free image that does not suit the content; it will ruin the entire content. To avoid this issue it is better to go for royalty-free photos, which are available for a reasonable price. The educators can choose the best images to suit their demands from a wide collection of images.

Figures for E-Learning

It is clear that the figures and diagrams will be an excellent way for effective training. It helps to convey the information in a better way. The well directed images with explanations will be the most effective for quick learning.

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