iPad 2 Review


apple-ipad2Apple has come up with iPad 2 with added features. What makes iPad 2 so unique? 1GHz dual core processor and of course the dual cameras makes the difference. One of the main critics of iPad 1 was the lack of the Cameras. The dual cameras on front and rear will satisfy the camera fans. The new CPU is considered twice faster than the previous one. The Graphics is of course far better than iPad 1. Apple kept the power requirements and Battery life same as iPad 1. What is the surprising factor? It is the price. Apple does not charge more for the iPad 2. Its range starts from $499.00.

The iPad 2 is capable of 1080p HDMI output and it got large speaker grille on the back side of the gadget. There is no change on 1024 * 768 LCD Screen and without any doubt it offers supreme performance. The rear facing camera got 720p video recording and the front camera got 30 fps VGA resolution. It got a new smart covers too. The surprising factor of iPad 2 is that it is 33 percent thinner than the iPad 1. About the physique of iPad 2, it is 8.8 mm thicker and weighs 600 grams.

The 9.7 inch touch screen assures a great performance. It got iOS 4.3 and 1GHx dual core processor. The 512 MB RAM is considered to be little less compare to the demands. You can choose the hard disk capacity from the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB hard disks. The Both front facing VGA webcam and 720p rear camera got only 30 frames per second. The connectivity features of iPad 2 never disappoint you; this Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled device got 3G connectivity too. It has headphone jack of 3.5mm and 30-pin port too.

For those who owns iPad 2 really don’t need to upgrade unless you really want cameras on your gadget. It is for those who don’t have an iPad yet. Believe it, iPad 2 will not disappoint you. The iPad applications development has bought many innovative applications for the enthusiastic. Check the latest iPad 2 applications for your convenience.

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