Principles of E-Learning


principles-of-e-learningThe Term E-Learning got a broad meaning. There are different forms of E-Learning, which includes live class rooms, cd roms, emails and many more. All these methods of Learning applicable in the e-learning. The E-Learning seems to be an effective solution for the Learning Process. The Principles of e-learning system are,


The E-Learning system should be interactive and user-friendly. For the effective training interaction will be the key force. The good interaction improves training and offers an effective e-learning. The online chat, forums, raise question etc., seems to be effective solutions for E-Learning. The unique and interactive features of E-Learning helps the students to make e-learning an interesting experience.


Every E-Learning system should have an effective feedback system, which lets the users to know their performance and the progression. The regular feedback help the users to know their performance and it helps them to improve.

Learner Based

The E-Learning system should be designed in a way to provide maximum comfort to the Learner. The flexible E-Learning system offers more comfort to the users. The E-Learning system should provide an unique experience to the users.

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