The Difference between iPhone Apps and iPad Apps


iphone-and-ipad-applicationsiPhones and iPads are the one of the best selling gadgets of Apple. It got huge popularity due to the technical advancements of these gadgets. The iPhone lets you to read books, view videos, listen to music, internet browsing and many more functions apart from making phone calls. There are plenty of applications available on the market, which enhances the utilization of your favorite gadget. Many of these applications are available freely and lots of applications are very cheap too. The iPad got more advantages than iPhone when it comes to display and it is capable of doing most of the functions of iPhone.

Though both are powerful gadgets the primary difference is that iPhone is a phone used to make phone calls and iPad is much like a portable computer. The iPhone has got 480 x 320 screen and whereas iPad has 1024 x 768 pixels. It seems that iPad is six times bigger than iPhone. The size factor of the screen plays a bigger role when comparing the applications. Most of the iPhone applications can be downloaded and used in iPad; these applications increase its size to match the screen size of iPad. But lot of applications designed for iPad will not run on iPhone due to its incapability to adjust with smaller screen. These iPad applications are developed in a way to utilize bigger display and provide great details. But these applications do not look great in smaller screen. For example; the news paper and magazine applications of iPad do not work on iPhone. These applications look great in iPad but it looks disappointing in iPhone due to alignment and visibility issues.

Can we say that applications are better in iPad than iPhone? It may be close to the truth. The iPad of course got the advantage of big display. The iPhone applications can be used in iPad easily and it functions well too. But when these applications work on the iPad the increased size causes less sharp images and blurry parts. It happens naturally due to pixel doubling effect. In order to avoid this issue the iPhone applications can be viewed in iPad in its original size. So it takes only one-half of the iPad screens. There are some iPhone applications lets you to download higher resolution version for iPad. Many of the new applications have both iPad and iPhone versions the user just need to download the correct version to enjoy the application fullest.

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