Why go for Drupal?

There are many Content management systems available for free, then why you need to go for Drupal? There is no doubt that Drupal got few advantages than the other Content Management Systems, Let me list down few reasons why people prefer Drupal. Build – Building website is no more a…


Drupal Development Services

The most interesting fact about Drupal is, it’s Open Source and free content management system. It is a popular tool used for building Dynamic websites with advanced features. The Drupal has written in PHP and well-supported by MySQL. The Drupal is one of the most convenient Content Management System with…


Features of E-Learning

There is no doubt that E-Learning offers more flexibility and effectiveness to Learning than the traditional training. There are few more reasons, which makes online training become a favorite among the students. Let me list down the reasons, • The availability of Quality resources and materials through online • The…


E-Learning System

Exponent Logic Solutions presents a new E-Learning System, which is built for professional trainers, this Learning system supports multiple branches, companies and groups. The outlines of different models are available for the users too. We have accommodated the latest technologies to assure the fine performance. We provide the details regarding…


The Advantages of E-Learning

The Learning Become an integral part of our life since 21st Century. Especially the emergence of Global organizations makes it more valuable. For the Corporate companies the Class room training become unpractical and time consuming. It led to a revolution in the Learning Field. Every company aims to provide cost…


What is E-Learning?

The E-Learning is considered to be a Dynamic process, which involves the transformation and personalization of the knowledge and deliver it on demand. The students have the complete control over their interaction with the information. In E-Learning the resources are effectively used for training. The E-Learning does not require formal…


Psychology behind E-Learning

Let’s check what actually happens when you start Learning. An effective training happens only the receiver got an attention into it. A Good trainer gets attention from students and keeps it till the end. The Neural system in the Brain controls attention, but it requires rest after every 5 Minutes….


Why Companies go for E-Learning?

Most of the companies required to provide training to their employees. It is must for the companies to train employees to ensure better services to the customers. When we analyze traditional learning and e-learning, of course the E-Learning got many benefits than the traditional way of Learning. Today many of…


Importance of E-Learning

E-Learning refers electronic Learning and it happens through a Computer. The objective of E-Learning differs according to the situation. In corporate it means to train the internal employees of the Organization. The universities provide online courses to the students and it become a trend and many universities are going for…


10 Tips to prepare for online Training

1. Understand the course before the class begins. The more you know about the course the starting of training will be easy. 2. You should have a good understanding with your trainer that helps to make the training more effective. 3. Try to have an interaction with the former students…