Testing & QA

what is a QA testing

QA tends to be focused on measuring and examining quality and improving the software through process improvements, thereby guiding the release to customers. QA is more focused on managing the product life cycle and verifying that the software meets the defined quality standards or customer agreements. QA is less about breaking the software and finding problems than about verifying that it is possible to make the software work under a given set of conditions.Testing, on the other hand, may keep an eye on the processes and often owns them, but is far more concerned with finding ways to break the software. Exponent Logic’s team of Testing & QA experts offers high quality, user-friendly pages that meets our client's expectations

Why do you need Testing & QA

QA will help you out in analysis phases as they see the requirements in more user friendly way then that of developers QA have better understanding of business .A Quality Assurance system helps a company identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the service at any project stage. It is a complex activity that has its place within the software development process. Quality assurance is most effective when implemented from the very beginning.Interested in using Testing & QA in your next development project? Please click on contact us button below.

Advantages of Testing & QA

Software testing is that it allows removing errors and bugs before the website get launched to the market. That will prevent unsatisfied clients and unnecessary expenses that bring customer support. Third, the costs of the service can be reduced by using automated software testing solutions.


a)Managed testing services

b)Project-specific independent testing services


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