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We can deliver technical solutions to leverage SharePoint as the home for enterprise information, documents, workflow, and applications to boost productivity, operational efficiency and financial performance. However beyond this we can advise you in managing Sharepoint. We advise Sharepoint projects adopt these practices:

SharePoint Best Practices

Governance/Analyst - Engage your business and process analysts at every critical milestone.

A SharePoint project can fail for a number of reasons, the top four we see and resolve are:

1. Lack of product knowledge and planning

2. Cutting corners to reduce development and implementation costs

3. Inexperienced or under-qualified resources

4. Misapplied resources

SharePoint Infrastructure Architecture - This includes areas such as Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, network layering, security or identity management, third party products such as ShareVis, MS Office compatibility, business continuation planning (BCP), disaster recovery (DR), and backup/recovery. The list goes on, the point being; you can't expect your designers and developers to cover the infrastructure and day-to-day management issues.

SharePoint Project Management - You've absolutely need to have someone who understands how internal and external factors can impact a SharePoint planning/deployment timeline and how to compensate. A good project manager will take a significant burden off of the Infrastructure and Architects shoulders, allowing them to focus their efforts on their core competencies.

SharePoint Development / Development Lead - Don't expect your Infrastructure team to speak on behalf of the Development team. There needs to be a Development Lead who is familiar with both the internal and external customer needs, one who can assist in the planning and timeline creation.

SharePoint Designer - Very often this role is co-mingled with the Developer's tasks which tend to be a disservice to the end user. Designers are very often expected to perform a significant amount of user facing tasks; therefore their tasks should be separated from development role, to allow them to operate with a moderate level of autonomy. Their role will include coordinating their efforts with development and infrastructure leads; and working directly with the Project Management team.

SharePoint Administration - This role is often overlooked as it is considered a post-development task. Without a plan to transfer knowledge, this group is doomed to failure. Documentation is generally not sufficient, requiring a Jr. Architect skill set to fulfill the role. They are responsible for adhering to defined deployment guidelines, infrastructure policies, backup/restore procedures, SQL maintenance, and hardware maintenance timeframes. If you engage these people early and throughout the project, your possibility of a successful implementation and deployment goes up exponentially.

SharePoint Maintenance Services By Exponentlogic Solution

Our SharePoint 24x7, 100% US-based remote data infrastructure services provide you immediate access to an entire team of SharePoint implementation and administration specialists at a cost less than an onsite consultant or full-time employee. Our services range from single server implementations to the architecture design of highly available SharePoint Farms (including Mobile & Branding services).

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