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Ember.js is an open source JavaScript client-side framework for developing the web applications and uses the MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern. In Ember.js, route is used as model, handlebar template as view and thecontrollermanipulates the data in the model. Exponent Logic’s team of Ember experts offers creativity and innovation along with technical competency to deliver high quality, effective, efficient and user-friendly apps that meets our client's expectations.

Why do you need Ember JS for creating your website

Be it the backend or frontend, your application development is a highly sensitive issue and requires a specific and good product development strategy to decide on the tech stack.At Exponentlogic, we don’t follow any template and open up our tech solutions after a thorough idea-validation and product consultancy. With our process of “idea to clarity to reality”, we ensure the best tech solution for the startups and their application development.And when we decide that the Ember.JS will be the right front-end framework for your application, we ensure you leverage it for your startup from every nook and corner..Interested in using Ember.JS in your next development project? Please click on contact us button below.

Advantages of Ember JS

Ember’s MVC architecture, its templates are backed by models (the M of MVC, or the data layer), and they support databinding. Updates to the model are immediately reflected in the template, with no extra work.Ember is the WordPress of JavaScript. While Ember is both newer (released in 2011) and smaller in terms of its user base, the core team is absolutely committed to backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility is a philosophy of making changes to a software through new versions, but no changes that would cause older versions to stop working—something the WordPress content management system stands by and does extremely well. Major version updates in Ember remove deprecations, but they don’t add new features with changes that will break apps using older versions of the framework. Ember allows developers to use future JavaScript standards and transpile them for use in browsers today.Ember.JS is a great tool for your scalable and flexible startup. It was developed focusing ambitious web applications.. Are you looking for expert team of Emberjsdevelopers?Please click on contact us button below.


a)Development of web applications using EmberJS

b)Maintenance and Support of web applications using EmberJS


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