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Sharepoint Services

Sharepoint Services

Every company wants to fully utilize the resources they have like, its employees, data and technology.

Businesses can achieve it through implementation of Sharepoint Projects and processes including, transformation of business and improved operations.

Sharepoint Solutions help companies to solve their problems like productivity loss, delayed tasks , unidentified potential resources and old IT infrastructure.

With Sharepoint solutions implemented in a company, employees can easily share information and ideas across the departments and divisions.


Sharepoint solutions provided to businesses

Exponent Logic transform out-of-the-box SharePoint into a custom-made applications for intranet or extranet, document management and workflow management system, responsive public website, knowledge management solutions, HR , Project management system, support desk portal and more.

  • Intranets

    We build fully functional Sharepoint intranets for businesses which help employees to collaborate and follow the process within organization. Intranet portals enable employees to collaborate through any device from any location.

  • Extranets

    Our sharepoint extranet portals customized for your organization helps to stay connected with suppliers, partners and maintain strong relationship with customers.

  • Document Management

    Our customized, full-fledged and automated sharepoint document management solutions allow seamless and accurate flow of document in and out of your organization.