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Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Shipping and logistics industry undoubtedly plays a vital role in keeping businesses together. Their services and solutions let one business transport its goods to another business. Companies providing shipping and logistics services are advancing themselves with time. They are implementing latest web and mobile technologies to make their procedures simpler, turn their employees more productive and stay in the competition.

Shipping is all about moving merchandise from point A to point B. But what if your shipping solution itself needs to get moving? . Exponentlogc Solutions custom shipping and logistics management software provides the solution to your shipping challenges.Exponentlogic Solutuions integrates with shipping and freighting APIs, including those from FedEx, UPS, and USPS.


Information Retrieval

Service Offered

Services offered by Exponentlogic Solutions are

  • Application Development

  • Support and maintenance

Technologies used for development of shipping & logistics applications are, MVC,Asp.Net core,Angular7,ReactJs.


Do you want to create an application for your shipping or logistics business?That will improve your sales in your business.Please give us a call 469 215 7898 or email us on